Huggate - the highest village on the Yorkshire Wolds

Huggate boasts over 30 km of Public Rights of Way - footpaths and bridleways. This is one of the highest totals in the East Riding, and includes parts of the Wolds Way and the Minster Way. The footpaths are maintained by landowners, the Parish Council and East Riding Council in partnership. Please let us know of any defects or problems with the Rights of Way, so that they can be put right.

You can view maps of:
The scheme for the  Huggate Conservation Walk to the east of the village ended in September 2012; there is no longer permission to walk on this land.
Residents are grateful to the landowners for the use of these paths in the past.
Please remember that on all public Rights of Way, permission to walk is on the path only; dogs must be kept "under effective control" and dog faeces picked up and removed. The Countryside Code can be read and downloaded at