Huggate - the highest village on the Yorkshire Wolds

In the event of severe weather, the Parish Council usually receives regular current reports from ERYC, and we will endeavour to keep the web site up to date with relevant information.

An interactive map of highway clearance priorities can be accessed from the ERYC web site page . This does not work on all versions of Windows; a less clear .pdf is available here.
The primary route in and out of the village is identified as the Warter Road, and if in doubt, that is the route to use.

The Parish Council will endeavour to facilitate the clearance of access from the village to Warter Road, where ERYC does not do so.

The Parish Council provides salt bins to assist with road clearance. Residents are asked to purchase their own supplies for use on private property. Guidance on snow clearance from private and public areas is provided on the ERYC website and here.



Residents should have received a copy of the booklet "Get ready for the unexpected. Click here for a copy.